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By jibarid

The Top 10 Greatest Hip Hop DJ Mixtapes of All Time

Hip Hop throughout the years has produced hundreds of great artists, albums, and mixtapes. These list consist of the Greatest Hip Hop DJ Mixtapes
I consider to be instrumental to hip hop as a artform.

My Top 10 Greatest Hip Hop DJ Mixtapes of All Time

This list consisted of mixtapes I considered both instrumental and pivotable to hip hop as a artform. Below is the albums I considered as my honorable mentions. These albums were not
put in any particular order they just did not make the cut on the Top 10 Greatest Hip Hop DJ Mixtapes of All Time.

Honorable Mention

DJ Premier – Crooklyn Cuts series

hm-premiercrooklyncuts In 1996 this mixtape had New York City on smash and ended up becoming the soundtrack of my summer of 1996. I remember when they dropped everything was going right for New York, the Yankees were in the midst of winning there first world series in 15 years, Onyx, LB Fam, and Boot Camp had the streets on lock and a little known rapper name Jay-Z just dropped his first studio album.
These tapes were classic hip hop with tracks from East Flatbush Project & DeS – Tried By 12 to Smoothe Da Hustler & Trigger Tha Gambler’s – Broken Language Pt. II… Premier laid down hot track after hot track of NYC’s finest hip hop. These tapes were the soundtrack of my summer of 96.

Honorable Mention

DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie – Summertime Mixtapes

hm-jazzsummertimeDropping in the summer of 2010 this mixtape series gave a classic blend of track with everyone from Summer Madness by Grover Washington to Dear Summer by Jay-z these mixtapes had it all. For a pure feeling
of mixtape heaven check out these mixtape by legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie.

Honorable Mention

JS One and Spinbad – Kold Kutz

hm-coldcutzFrom 1994 to 1999 these unadulterated mixtapes had the streets on lock before there was a DJ Green Lantern mixing on tracks we had JS One and Spinbad, this mixtape consisted of great and legendary tracks
from KRS 1 and Common from the Resurrection Days

Honorable Mention

DJ Screw the Grey Tapes

hm-djscrewIf you every wanted to know where the Texas better yet Houston screwed sound comes from check out these tapes. DJ Screw was the first to put these sound on wax and is the number one reason me have legendary
acts like Scarface and UGK. The Grey Tapes were pivotable in the screw culture as well as southern hip-hop.

Honorable Mention

DJ Drama aka Barack O Drama Gangster Grills Mixtapes

hm-gangstagrillzDJ drama better known as gangsta grills is probably one of the most important pieces in DJ mixtape scenes of the south his Gangsta Grill mixtapes allowed the world throughout the 2000′s to hear rising southern artist and legendary ones as well. His mixtapes consisted of tracks from Lil Wayne, Outkast, Devin the Dude, and Paul Wall. These Gangsta Grill Mixtapes have to go down as the one of the greatest southern mixtapes to date.

Honorable Mention

DJ Green Lantern The Invasion Series

hm-greenlanternIn the mid 2000′s DJ Green Lantern merged with Enimem to make some of the most memorable mixtapes of all time. This merger in return created the DJ Green Lantern Invasion Series, in return DJ Green Lantern gave the world classic mixtapes from Nas, 50 Cent, and Jadakiss. Hands down DJ Green Lantern has to go down, as one of the Greatest DJ’s to ever touch wax.

Before we get into this list remember the golden age of mixtapes were in the mid 90′s with dudes like Clue, S&S, Doo Wop, Tony Touch, and Silver Surfa putting out classics. After the burst of the technology age in the early 2000′s mixtape lost their genuine authenticity because now the ability to get them were just a key stroke away. Below is my list of the Top 10 Greatest Hip Hop DJ Mixtapes of All Time.


Ron G blends

hm-rongIn 1991 Ron G laced a mixtape that would go down as the blueprint for the modern R&B mixes along side with Hip Hop tracks this mixtape was Ron G version of Kid Kapri 52 Beats and listeners enjoyed mixes of song like Michael Jackson Human Nature with Bootcamp Click, underhandedly this is a mixtape that has to go down as one of the Greatest of All Time.


Funk Flex The Mixtape Volume II: 60 Minutes of Funk and Funkmaster Flex 2013 Who You Mad At? Me Or Yourself.

hm-funkflex60mintuesDJ Funkmaster Flex has to go down as one of the Greatest DJ’s of All Time and in 1997 when he dropped Funk Flex The Mixtape Volume II: 60 Minutes of Funk this at the time became the last great Funkmaster Flex album. Even though it was called 60 minutes of funk the album lasted a little over 70 minutes and Flex bought noise to this on every track. The album consisted of DJ Kool snippets and classic freestyles from Nas, Foxy and MOP which in return allowed it to go down of one of my top favorites.
hm-funkflexwhoumadIn 2013 DJ Funkmaster Flex debuted his first full-length project in years when he dropped his mixtape Who You Mad At? Me Or Yourself. This mixtapes consisted of tracks from The Lox, Fabolous, Kendrick Lamar, A$ap Rocky, J Cole, Ne-Yo, Busta Rhymes, French Montana, Action Bronson and Slaughterhouse also a line up of great production from Swizz Beatz, The Runners, Hit-Boy, Araabmuzik, Juicy J, Jahlil Beats, DJ Mustard and Harry Fraud. Hands down both these mixtape will arguable go down as two of Hip Hop’s Greatest DJ Mixtapes of All Time


DJ S&S – Niggas Aint Nice

hm-ssnigIn 1995 DJ S&S had the streets of New York on lock with his mixtape Niggas Aint Nice. Every joint on this mixtape was hot. This mixtape was at the time when DJ’s actually scratched. The mixtape consisted of classic tracks like Onyx – Walk In New York and MOP- To the Death. Hands down this mixtape is one that every Hip Hop head should have in their collection.


DJ Clue Mixtape Series

hm-djclueIn a class of his own, DJ Clue is probably the Greatest Mixtape DJ’s of All Time. I remember buying his mixtapes on the ave before school and bumping them until the tape popped or CD scratched so much you could even listen to them any more. DJ clue held the streets down for years with mixtapes like his Back to School Part 1, Birthday Blizzard, Stadium Series, Grand Theft Audio Series and many more. Plus when he dropped his retail album The Professional in 2000 this mixtape went down as one of the best DJ retail mixtape releases of all time.


Stretch Armstrong and Bobitto The Badboy Mixtape Volume 3 1996

hm-strecharmstrongKnown by NORE as the albino ostrich, Stretch Armstrong and Bombitto had the greatest radio mix show ever there show featured exclusive demo tapes and in-studio freestyles from many then-unsigned artists such as Nas, Big Pun, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe, Cam’ron, DMX, Wu-Tang Clan, Fugees, Talib Kweli, Big L and Notorious B.I.G. who later found great success on major record labels. In 1996 Stretch Armstrong dropped The Badboy Mixtape Volume 3 and it was a instant classic. This mixtape consisted of tracks from AZ, The Lox, Blazhey Blazhey, plus gave the street a first time listen into classic singles like Lost Boyz-Renee, LL Cool J- Doin It, and Busta Rhymes Whoo Ha


Mister Cee Best of Biggie 1995 Rereleased 2008

hm-bestofbiggieIn 1995 DJ Mister Cee dropped The Best of Biggie and hands down became the greatest mixes in tribute to the Notorious one and probably one of the greatest, if not the greatest, mixes in tribute to any fallen artist. This mixtape consisted of freestyle and unreleased tracks such as Biggie’s Live at the Palladium freestyle and the original Party and Bullshit. The mixtape was so raw it was rereleased in 2008.


Green Lantern and Russell Simmons Yes We Can Mixtape 2008

hm-barackobamaIn 2008 in a little senator from Illinois was on his way to make history as the first black president in America and this DJ Green Lantern mixtape was the first hip hop album to report his accomplishment. Consisting of speeches from Barack Obama and tracks from artist like Young Jeezy, Nas and Jay-Z this mixtape was a collaboration of hip-hop in its entirety coming together for a great cause.


Tony Touch Power Cypha Mixtapes Tape 50 (50 mc’s)1996

hm-50tonytouchpowerIn 1996 Tony Touch dropped the greatest freestyle and pure lyricism mixtapes of all time. This mixtape is my favorite if you love emcees just going at it you have to hear this mixtape. This mixtape has to go down as the greatest mixtape of freestyling ever constructed, consisting of classic freestyles from Boot Camp, Co Co Brothers, Smooth the Hustla and Trigger the Gambler, Group Home and Canibus hence, “be the last man standing with metaphors a charlie horse couldn’t put a cramp in”


Kid Kapri 52 beats

hm-kidkapriIn 1992 Kid Kapri dropped a mixtape called 52 Beats and it spread like wildfire. This mixtape like Ron G blends consisted of mixes blend with classic RnB, Funk, and Soul tracks. This mixtapes has to go down as a classic because it more about pure DJ skills rather then pure lyrically content.


Doo Wop 95 live 1995

hm-doowopIn 1995 Doo Wop shook the world with his dropped his 95 Live mixtape and to this day it is considered by many as the greatest Hip Hop mixtape of All Time. This mixtape had everything the intro considered with emcees representing there borough’s such as KRS 1 representing the Bronx, and MOP representing the Brook . The mixtape also consisted of early track by Group Home and ditc, early Big L and Jay Z such as the original In My Lifetime. Hands down this mixtape has to go down as one of the greatest mixtapes of all time.

This is a wrap of my Top 10 Greatest Hip Hop DJ Mixtapes of All Time, Rate the article, leave a comment, and let me know think.

Remember Hip Hop isn’t Dead as long as we keep it Alive.

By Jibari Danielsjdanielsdesign.com

10 out of 10

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